When Souls Speak

I heard a rumor of a place some say exists for all of us but only a few have found.

Some call it a garden, some a field and some a castle but all agree it is a place where false pretense, duplicity and subterfuge are dropped.

It is an oasis of truth where the depth of connection with another limits entrance to one or perhaps a few.

Those who have wandered among the verdant garden and played upon the shores of the bright blue waters gain an understanding of another in a way that cannot be translated into words.

You either know it or you don’t, it is that simple.


And the reality is that once you have experienced it you’ll feel the ache and the hole so you’ll look for it again and again.

Sometimes you might find yourself wandering in places and parts that look like the path to the place you once occupied but they end in a door for which you have no key.

You’ll look for a friendly face and wonder if you can ask for help or guidance but the keepers of the land keep their eyes veiled.

You can’t try to bribe them with a peppered pike or ride across the walls in a magic Cadillac.


Some argue the best way to regain the golden fields you miss is silence.

They say you find a place to write down all of your thoughts and feelings and write the letter spelling out exactly what you would say and share if you could.

Post it in a place no one can find or read it to yourself and let the silence  grow until it becomes deafening.

And somewhere the absence of sound will be filled with something more and you’ll regain the ability to communicate and congregate within that place.

But if such is more than rumor or the sort of tale told at fish markets none has confirmed.

In the absence of such people suggest that tales of soul connections are myths based upon lust and or fiction.

There are tales though of someone who believed otherwise and was certain given the right circumstances it could be proven.

But dreams are fantasy unless and until replaced by fact.

Last we heard the person who might have tried to swim upstream was in the midst of a tornado and didn’t have time to do anything more than try to stay safe from the storm.

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