A Victim Of Circumstances- Echo Chamber Effects


I march to the beat of a different drummer and my guy has no rhythm. Wouldn’t matter much if he did because it wouldn’t mean that I could sing or dance any better than I can now.

You need to know that because when we talk about social media marketing  you are going to see me roll my eyes at half of what is said. That is because after almost a decade of a blogging and about 14 years of helping companies figure out how to use the net I have a few opinions about things.

The number one and two rules are to have fun and to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing/saying.

The Echo Chamber

The blogosphere is cluttered, noisy and saturated a billion bloggers who love the idea of the Internet Gold Rush but very few of them are sharing anything interesting, novel or useful.

Some of that is because they are parroting what they hear elsewhere because they think/hope it will help them gain traffic and notoriety. That is not the sole reason for the content quality problem but it is a significant part of it.

You can add a few other things like not taking the time to find your blogging voice  and not spending enough time thinking about how to create compelling content.

My focal point isn’t on whether people only focus on white male bloggers but on coming up with good content and upon sustaining my effort.

Dancing Around The Storm

The storm is the clutter and noise in the blogosphere. It is the chaos that surrounds so much of this and the whining that comes from people who forget this takes hard work, effort and time, this being blogging.

Two of Mark Schaefer’s posts this week fall in line with what I am talking about: In praise of the naked business and Could too much tweeting cost you your job?


In praise of of the naked business provides an inside look at how Mark operates but not in the sense of him providing actionable tips you can use to become a Internet giant. No, it is a reminder of the person behind the blog. He talks about how he likes to work in a way that makes it clear he is human, no different than you or I.

And the next post provides another thought/reminder of the importance of how we treat other people because that impacts our professional and our personal lives.

It reminds me of when I first started working and learned that some people were treated differently in the work place because they were members of the family that owned the business or because they had the kind of charisma that made people like them.

I had expected to find a workplace where everyone was equal and your future was contingent upon the quality of your work. So I was very surprised when I found out that it wasn’t always like that.

A Victim Of Circumstances

Luck and timing are important. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. If you got into the space earlier, sustained your effort and kept going you might be among the more successful bloggers, or so some people argue.

Not me, because it doesn’t matter. I am not interested in being seen as a victim of circumstances.

It is not fair that some people produce crap that is lauded as being gold or that they are held up as examples of what we should aspire to be, but it doesn’t matter unless you let it.

This is about working on your game and focusing on sustaining your effort while accepting that you need to do something to make yourself interesting. There is no single road to success which is good because I am a firm believer in the Mark Twain quote below:

“You can’t reach old age by another man’s road. My habits protect my life but they would assassinate you.”
– 70th birthday speech, 1905

Find what makes you happy in this wacky blogosphere and find a way to incorporate it in your writing. When your passion and personality come through it will help you find like minded individuals who appreciate you.

Some of them will hire you and some will just join you for the journey, but you need both because one of the few critical elements for success here is to sustain your effort and those who walk with you will help do that.

Don’t forget to try to be likable occasionally too. People respond better to being nice than constantly flaming them.

What would you add?

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