What Is the Best Layout For Your Blog?

What Is the Best Layout For Your Blog? It is a question I ask with great regularity. I look at the themes I have and try to determine which ones provide me with the best tools and most effective ways to communicate with you. Which theme makes it easiest to read not only on the […]

Is Content Shock Killing Your Blog?

Eighteen months ago I sat in a job interview and listened to a man tell me he didn’t know why he asked me to come interview because he didn’t think I had the skill set to do the work. He told me the deciding factor was my cover letter because it had an almost zany […]

Free Advice Because You Need It

Some people claim that free advice is worth as much as you paid for it but I can’t say I always agree with them because free is powerful. Or maybe it is more accurate to say free is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Business discovered long ago the power of […]

The 987,928 Most Dangerous Job

They say confession is good for the soul so I must begin with my own. I didn’t grow up in a family that supported my goal to be a Danger Man. No sir, when I told my dad that I wanted to play high school football he said I was young, dumb and stupid and […]