Oh Captain, My Captain

David and I exchanged our first hello thirty-two years ago and said goodbye sixteen years ago. I suspect he might appreciate the symmetry of the numbers. I imagine we would have had some interesting conversations about whether life is filled with a series of random events and coincidences or if there is any sort of […]

Use This To Improve Your Understanding Of Google Analytics

I have ongoing discussions with a variety of people regarding their understanding or lack¬† of Google Analytics. More than a few people have told me they dislike it because it feels like they are back in school desperately trying to understand the formulas on the chalkboard. If you are among those who dislike Google Analytics […]

763 Reasons Sexy & Smart People Use Facebook

Some marketing research somewhere says that I have six seconds to grab your attention before you point and click your way elsewhere. I really don’t know if that is accurate but since I don’t need the exact number I am not going to look it up. What I know is 763 Reasons Sexy & Smart […]